Mr., Nick Weldin, (professor of Robotics at Middlesex University) visit to Cyprus was a huge success. He was invited by Global Education, the official representatives of Middlesex University in Cyprus.


The professor conducted a series of experiential workshops in the “Education and Occupations” exhibition, which was held on Sunday, January 27, at the State Fair. Students who visited the show had the opportunity to attend a free 1 hour Robotic Lab. This experience was unique, since it was the first time students had the opportunity to be informed about a modern scientific field that will have a great impact on the future of higher education and our everyday life.

His travel program included visits to some private and public schools in Nicosia. The Professor, accompanied by Head of EU Recruitment at Middlesex University, Markella Charalambous and members of Global Education, visited Makarios III Technical School in Nicosia, the American Academy, the Pascal English School, the Grammar School and the GC School of Careers to inform students about this new industry and the prospects of. The students showed tremendous interest and asked several questions.


A big thank you to all the schools that hosted us. We would also like to thank the Federation of Parents of Secondary and Technical Education in Nicosia, especially its chairman, Charalampos Dionysios and Kostas Evangelos for their valuable support. Finally, special thanks to the University of Middlesex for our invitation, and especially to Markella Charalambous.

For more information on Middlesex University’s Robotics programs and for a university applications, please contact Global Education at 22780250 or 22785022.