Iuav University of Venice was established in 1926 as one of the first Architecture Schools in Italy. To this day, it still maintains its unique status. It is a design-themed university focusing on teaching, research, and practice in the design of living spaces and environments (buildings, cities, landscapes, and territory) and in the design of everyday use objects, fashion, and graphics. It has a more recent but well-established tradition in the teaching, research, and practice of visual arts, theatre and performing arts, and multimedia events.

Syllabuses, courses, and learning and workshop activities are organized in 4 bachelor’s degrees and 6 master’s degrees covering the fields of architecture, design, fashion, visual arts, urban and regional planning, and theatre. Currently Iuav offers 2 master’s degrees fully taught in English: MA Architecture, and MS in Urban Plannng for Transition.

In addition, Iuav offers advanced specialization courses and 9 PhDs.

A learning technique unique to Iuav is the workshop, which is meant to offer both learning opportunities and work experience under the direct supervision of high-profile professionals and teachers.

Iuav has established agreements with important Italian and foreign cultural institutions, museums, and universities such as La Biennale di Venezia, Teatro La Fenice, Palazzo Grassi, Musei Civici Veneziani, Triennale di Milano, Parsons School of Design, MIT, IIT, CCA, and Tongji University. Iuav students are involved with all of these institutions on a regular basis. Iuav is committed to investing in research and development on issues related to the city, the territory and environment, the landscape, infrastructures and mobility, environmental protection and conservation, sustainable design, the history of architecture, new frontiers of design, and arts.

About 4,200 students attend Iuav University. Admission to both graduate and undergraduate programs is limited – an essential requirement to maintain high teaching standards. International Exchange Programs are currently available in partnerships with 200 European universities. They encourage student and staff mobility in order to raise awareness of common European citizenship, exchange good practices, and share research.

Studying at Iuav means being open to what is really happening in the world and learning and working with outstanding personalities in the fields of architecture, urban and regional planning, design and visual and performing arts. Iuav was founded by such internationally renowned architects as Carlo Scarpa, Giuseppe Samonà, Manfredo Tafuri, Aldo Rossi, Giovanni Astengo, and Giancarlo De Carlo. Gino Valle, Michele De Lucchi, Nanda Vigo, and Egle Renata Trincanato have all made the history of our School. Notable scholars and professionals such as Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn, Frank Lloyd Wright, and, more recently, Alejandro Aravena, Judith Clark, Richard Serra, have been hosted as visiting professors at Iuav and have taught and tutored our students through the years.

For the prestige of one of the most important architecture schools in the world, the only one in the Italian panorama to host dialogue disciplines (architecture, planning, design, arts, fashion, theater) around the centrality of the project as an educational experience. Iuav is a teaching place in step with the needs of the international market, an advanced research center on issues concerning space, cities, the environment, art, a center of higher education.

Iuav the most current issues: from sustainability to reuse, from urban regeneration to new media, from participation in planning paths to a design on a human scale, from creativity in the field of fashion or art to the curation of cultural events, from the new expressiveness of cinema and theater to climate change or the conservation of cultural heritage, they are transformed into an opportunity for intertwined experimentation and competences measured on future scenarios.


Double Degree Programs

Iuav also offers several double degree programs: by studying (2/3 semesters) in a Partner University, students have the chance to award a double degree (one from Iuav and the other one from the Partner).

Double degree partners are:

  • École Nationale d’Architecture Paris Val de Seine
  • Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile
  • Universidad de Chile, Chile
  • Université de Reims-Champagne Ardenne, France
  • Universidad Diego Portales, Chile
  • Universidad Mayor, Chil
  • Tongji University – College of Architecture and Urban Planning, P.R. China

Ranking positioning Iuav positioning in national and international rankings confirms the outstanding performance for excellent teaching and research and internationalisation.

QS World University Ranking 2021 Iuav is ranked among the world’s top 100 universities for architecture and urbanism.

Education Around 2021 Iuav is ranked first in Italy for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture, second for the master’s degree in performing arts and third for the bachelor’s degrees in design.

Censis ranking 2021/2022 Iuav is ranked first in Italy in the field of internationalisation (intended as international mobility and students with international qualifications enrolled in bachelor’s and master’s degrees) and second among the polytechnics.

A teaching tradition recognized all over the world : the transversality of paths that broaden the field of individual disciplines, the formation of skills in step with the transformation processes taking place in the world

Laboratories and Workshops: a training offer based on laboratory experience and intensive workshops conducted by internationally renowned teachers and professionals.

Guaranteed internship: the offer of internships at studios, companies, institutions for all training courses, also in lieu of the practical test required by the State Exams.

Support for study experiences abroad: Iuav is the first university in Italy to offer study or internship periods abroad with a scholarship

Employment opportunities: 90% of graduates find employment within three years of graduation. Training is particularly measured on the needs of a global market to the point that almost all of our graduates say they are satisfied with the skills acquired in relation to the work done and the technical training offered by the University (source Almalaurea 2020).

Venice unique place: the opportunity to visit a city that is unique in the world for its way of life, beauty, cultural offer and international scope.

Student services: the possibility of having one of the most important European libraries in the field of architecture, the city and the arts; of laboratories in which the study is combined with practical experience, of prestigious and well-equipped offices, of competent assistance.


Application fee: €30

Bachelor and Master courses  €2780.00

Admition Test Cost €30 – 55 (depending on the programme)

The overall payment can be divided in 3 installments. Income and/or merit based reductions may apply.


Università Iuav di Venezia collaborates with many organisations to support students in their search for accommodation.

If you want more information, please visit VeniceApartment.com for students, a free tool to find accommodation in Venice historic centre. In agreement with the City of Venice and the Venetian associations of landlords, the overall aim of the platform is to improve the amount and the quality of flats and rooms available for students at regulated conditions and rates.

The range of costs they handle goes from €300 to €2400 per month, depending if you rent only a bed in a share room or a complete department. The minimum contractual duration is 6 months in almost all the cases.

Iuav has also established specific agreements to guarantee very competitive prices for Iuav student community. You can learn more about Iuav affiliated facilities here. To access these special rates, it is necessary to specify Iuav membership when booking.


Your monthly costs will vary depending on the type of accommodation and your lifestyle, but on average, you may need between €900 and €1,500 a month. Venice can be quite expensive to live in. Students usually spend at least around €300 to €400 per month apart from accommodation costs.

For a very specific breakdown of current prices in Venice, you can check out this website.

WHEN TO APPLY (for Autumn 2021)

The deadline can vary depending on a programme.

Bachelor deadlines
Architecture: 20.07.
Planning and urban design: 16.08
Fashion design and multimedia arts & Product, visual communication and interior design: 19.08

Master deadlines: 19.08
except for Architecture (in English): from 26.02 until 31.03


Studying at the Iuav University means living in a city that is unique in the world, Venice, a dimension different from any other city and particularly stimulating for those who undertake a study experience in the fields of architecture, arts, fashion and urban heritage. .

It means having important libraries and archives available, participating in artistic and cultural events of international appeal: the Biennale, major exhibitions, conferences of numerous cultural foundations, musical, theatrical and cinematographic seasons, the great annual festivals of the city. The e-Venice portal collects all the events scheduled in Venice.

To learn more about student life in Venice, visit also https://www.studyinvenice.it/en/vivere-a-venezia

Interested? To learn more about the university, your study options, entry requirements and application process, please contact one of our consultants in a country nearest to you.