The Higher Educational System

In 2002, it adopted the structure of the Graduate and Postgraduate, Bachelor & Master Degrees, respectively.

The distinction between the two categories continues to remain.


  • Two types of Academic Studies are provided:
  • The Universities (Universiteiten), including the Universities of Scientific Studies and Research, certain Universities of Specialization in Engineering and Agriculture.
  • The Universities of Technology and Vocational Training (Hogescholen), including the Specialization Institutes in the Agricultural, Applied & Fine Arts, Pedagogical Branches. They are geared to the practical training of students (HBO, Hoger Beroepsonderwijs) and prepare them to follow specific professions.
  • A third branch of studies is added, the International Education (IO, International Onderwijs). It offers curricula and is aimed at students from underdeveloped countries where specialized knowledge is required for their professional experience. Emphasis is placed either on research or on the practical application of theory. The courses are taught in English.

2) How it works

  • The academic year is mainly divided into two semesters, in some maybe three trimesters.
  • The Erasmus European Program was named after Desiderius Erasmus, who, during his studies, visited almost all European countries.
  • Comparing Dutch Universities with other EU Universities, they are considered remarkable and provide studies at an affordable financial cost of tuition.
  • Tuition fees for EU students vary depending on the University and the field of study.
  • The annual tuition fees for the selected curriculum start at approximately € 1,470 determined by the strategy followed by the respective University.
  • Any graduate student who wishes to undertake a degree course must prove to the Special Advice & Migration Service that he / she has the financial capacity to withstand at least € 700 per month to cover his / her expenses.
  • Tuition fees for Postgraduate Programs vary and depend on each University. The tuition fees for Medicine and Business Administration start at € 2,000 and reach up to € 13,000.