The Educational System & the Universities in Hungary

  • Hungary is a beautiful, safe and very friendly EU country.
  • It is famous for its remarkable educational history. It offers a high level of knowledge, study and practice.
  • The country’s universities are among the oldest and most qualitative in Europe, with a long tradition since 1937.
  • Educational institutions have a wide-ranging global reach, as they are ranked first among the universities with the most Nobel prize-winning graduates.
  • Since 2010, there are 18 State Universities, 7 Private, 12 State Colleges and 34 Private, which are controlled and evaluated by the Hungarian Education Ministry, the Hungarian Accreditation Commission (HAC) and the Higher Education Council (HESC).
  • Famous for the wide range of choices they offer, versatility at all levels of study, their modern building facilities, excellent manned with modern equipment University Hospitals.
  • Because a great number of graduates have been distinguished and honored with the Nobel Prize, they are well established and ranked 1st in the world.