Czech higher education has a history of 600 years.

  • In 1348, Emperor Charles IV founded the First University in Prague, the oldest University Institution in Central Europe, named Charles University in honor of its founder.
  • Higher education is distinguished by its high level of education.
  • The Educational System offers courses in English as well.
  • There are 74 Universities in the Czech Republic, of which 26 are Public, the 2 State Higher Education Institutions and 46 Private Institutions.
  • The academic year lasts. It begins in October and is divided into 2 semesters with exams at the end of each semester.
  • A popular destination for EU students in science such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Veterinary Medicine.
  • All University Programs are recognized by DOATAP since 2004 with the Czech Republic’s entry into the EU. Graduates can get a license to practice professionally in any EU country.


Three types of Study Programs are provided:


A) Bachelor Degree (Bachelor), lasting 3-4 years and is the first level of education.

  • The curriculum is completed by the final written examination, which usually includes the submission of a dissertation.
  • Graduates choose to begin their professional career directly or continue their studies in Postgraduate Programs offered in related fields in the same University or to apply to another University.

B) The Master Degree (Master), lasting 2-3 years can begin immediately upon completion of the Bachelor.

  • Self-directed Curriculums are available that lead directly to the acquisition of the Master and last for 4-6 years.
  • Graduates of the Master must take part in the final state examination and present the diploma thesis they have done.
  • Also, students in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Health are required to achieve the most demanding written examination, including the presentation of the diploma, which is assessed on the basis of rigorous criteria.
  • Due to increasing interest, some Universities now also offer Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs.

C) Doctorat, lasting from 3-4 years, is addressed to graduates of the Master and focuses on research, development or arts.

  • Doctoral studies are completed through a state examination as well as the submission of an original doctoral dissertation which is required to be published.