• The curricula they provide are as follows:
  1. Preparatory, lasting 1 year
  2. Graduate Programs, Bachelor Degrees, 3-4 Academic years
  3. Postgraduate Programs, Master Degrees, 1 to 2 years
  4. Doctoral Programs, usually 3-4 years
  • Access criteria vary depending on the case, and are in conjunction with the University, the Branch, and the Curriculum:
  1. Written examinations in Biology and Chemistry are mandatory in Medical Sciences.
  2. Written examinations are required for Technology Sciences.
  3. There is also the possibility to enroll directly at the University through the Lyceum Certificate, with final exams (“Panhellenics”) or without.


  • Submission of applications and deadlines:

The deadlines for submitting the application vary according to the chosen branch and the University. Initially, the choice of the University or the Universities is made, and then the rest of the process begins, which will lead us to get position and enroll.

  • The annual tuition fees for graduate and postgraduate study programs in higher education institutions range from 3,500 € to 7,000 €, in Medical Schools from 9,500 € to 11,000 €.
  • The Hungarian University Programs are recognized by DOATAP after Hungary’s entry to the EU in 2004.
  • The cost of staying in the students’ residences is affordable, ranging from € 250 to € 400 per month and in private apartments they range from € 300 to € 400 per month.
  • It is an economical choice of study, since the cost of living is around 400 euros per month.