Excellent Reasons for Studies in Great Britain

Today, Cypriot and Greek students, according to official statistics, choose Great Britain for both their academic studies and their subsequent career in the field


A)Let’s see below the reasons and the benefits of studying in Great Britain

  • They are an ideal destination for students from all over the world. Every year they attract more than 600.000 students from 180 different countries, with curriculums ranging from English Language, Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate programs to PhDs.
  • British Universities are ranked among the best in the world.
  • The diversified teaching and study methods they use provide students with the freedom to be creative, acquire skills and knowledge, and finally develop their skills.
  • The ideal combination of academic curricula and vocational guidance programs greatly helps students build a successful career.
  • They are a reference point for very large developments in the fields of Science, Economics, Art, Medicine, Mechanics, Business, etc. It is noteworthy that Britain accounts for 5% of global scientific research and at the same time produces 14% of the work used in bibliographic references worldwide.
  • The Universities staff their faculties with Academics (preeminent Professors and Special Scientists) world renowned to offer their students the best academic support.
  • Curriculums have the flexibility to adapt based on the needs of each candidate and therefore there is the possibility of a wide range of specializations.
  • Universities have excellent facilities such as lecture and seminar rooms, well-mannered student halls, athletic departments, modern workshops, rich libraries and, above all, security for their students.
  • The English Language is especially familiar to us as we have to learn it from an early age.
  • Living conditions are relatively economical, because for the student the accommodation involves different alternatives based on their budget.
  • Great Britain is on the list of most economical EU countries for the students.
  • Financial support is given to students from EU countries, that is, the Student Loan (extended reference to a special section), in order to repay the academic fees for graduate and postgraduate studies with special benefits and repayment privileges.
  • The MB system supports the graduates from its universities and guides and promotes them to get a job and stay in the country.



B)The Global Educational Services Specialist educational consultants

  • Will help you choose the most suitable Curriculum for You through a process of guidance and support.
  • It is a milestone and a life decision to choose Great Britain, University, and a Curriculum for graduate, postgraduate, PhD, or even a combination of all.
  • Today it is more than ever necessary and has been proved that by providing valid information and orientation based on the candidate’s data and needs, an academic background is built, which is the key and the foundation for the candidate’s future and successful professional development in Cyprus, Greece and generally abroad.