Founded in 2017, Raffles Milano IstitutoModa e Design is designed for students who intend to look the future straight in the eye. And above all, a school that has gathered together a formidable team of lecturers, in many cases leading names on the international style and design scene.

The education method used by Raffles Milano draws its inspiration from the practice of the Renaissance workshop and aims at doing real work on real projects for real clients.From day one, lecturers and students are involved in a relationship with no separating walls.Lecturer-student dialogue, a constant quest for new paths and secure foundations for a process of individual and team growth that trains students for tomorrow by preparing them to experience it as a natural evolution of today. Students learn to measure up to the dreams and aspirations of the future.


General Information

Three – Years bachelor degree

Three years that will change your life:
Learning by doing is the underlying principle of Raffles Milano’s three-year courses, a training experience that structures the mind, provides a solid technical background and unleashes a desire to broaden your life horizons.

A dedicated Course Leader:
For every course (3-year courses or Master’s), students are placed under the supervision of a Course Leader whose task it is to coordinate the study plan, check the continuity of the teaching and teachers, mediate between the class and the Faculty and constantly ensure the best and most efficient learning system for each student.

60 professionals in the classroom:
For every three-year course the Faculty is composed by almost sixty teachers, carefully selected among the most influential and acknowledged professionals in their discipline. A choir of different voices, ideas, and experiences that constitutes the first “professional” showcase for each one of our students when they complete their studies.

Masters program

In 10 amazing months, Masters students will be enriched with “10 Unique Learning Experiences” by working elbow-to-elbow with “The Maestros”. These are some of the most authoritative and influent creative minds, the ones that invented and launched genial and revolutionary ideas, awarded all over the design and fashion arenas.

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Via FeliceCasati, 16
20124 Milan, Lombardy, Italy