Global Education, along with the Greek and Cypriot Society of Coventry University, organized a Pre-departure Event that was held successfully on Tuesday, September 4th in Stasikarous 30.In the beginning students were greeted from the Market Manager of Global Education, Despo Charalambous and from the President of the Greek and Cypriot Society, Nicholas Bishop.

The president presented  an excellent presentation of the University of Coventry and of the city in general.The students attending the event had the opportunity to meet with old and new students. The environment was pleasant and friendly so students could feel comfortable getting to know each other. They also enjoyed refreshing drinks and pizza.

We had a strong presence of the Cypriot and Hellenic Society, they were there supporting all new students. A short presentation was done , which included useful information about the university, shops and surroundings for new students. Despo Charalambous Marketing Manager thanked the Hellenic and Cypriot Society for their help and support and questions were answered after the presentation was concluded. It was a vast outcome of around 150 students.

Global Education in cooperation with Costa Theodorou ( which is the mother company and two subsidiary companies, Bon Voyage Ltd, sole distributors of the Camel Active brand (men’s clothing and accessories) in Cyprus and CTH Marines Ltd, distributors of the Original Marines Brand) held a competition and the winner won a suitcase worth 100 euro Pictures were taken of the winner, this will be published on our facebook and Instagram page.

We are very pleased with the outcome and wish to continue this throughout the following years, as students seem to benefit from this and it is a pleasure for us to see the number rising each year with more and more students choosing Coventry University for their studies.