The Managing Director, Mrs. Chris Sofroniou, was pleased to announce that on the basis of new data for September 2019, the British government supports and guarantees the student loan for European Union students, which means that the same privileges apply as in the past.On Monday, July 2, 2018, Damian Hinds, Minister of Education, stated clearly in Downing Street assured that “Students School come from EU countries will be eligible for student loans, even after the official exit of great Britain from the EU once they ask for a student loan, for covering academic fees for all the year of their studies”.

He further stated that the students of the EU that are going to study in English Universities as from September 2019 will be charged the same fees as their English colleagues and they will enjoy the same treatment during the duration of their studies. The students who opt for the high academic standard and prestige associated with the degrees of English Universities, will be glad to know that our educational system is recognized internationally with recovered to their level and potentially for a successful professional career.

Mr. Sofroniou has explained that “this important decision at the English Government to continue the apply arrangements on students loans and fees 2019-2020 Academic Year means that the EU students will be able to enrol in the Universities one the same basis as British Students in spite of the official Brexit date of March 2019. It is also important to note that student fees will be frozen to £ 9,250 for the year 2019-2020, something that was expected on the basis of the information for the independent authority that studied in detail defiantly of tensing education in Britain.