6. How do I know what my educational strength is?

An experienced Educational Advisor will be able to help you with this, with a good interview. It is also useful to have a student pass a Career Orientation Test to determine his or her strengths. Global Education provides its students with the Career Gate Vocational Guidance Test for higher education and Professional skills. The Career Gate Test, has been compiled by years of studies by a reputable university team at the University of Piraeus and the London School of Economics specializing in career guidance and the jobs market.    

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5. Now with Brexit how are International students affected?

The UK recently announced through its Minister for Universities, that all EU citizens who start higher education in England in the academic year 2020/21 will continue to have the same tuition rates as those in the UK.  They will also be able to secure student loans for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs irrespective of the UK leaving the EU. This communication merely continues the Government's existing commitment to funding students in the EU who start courses in England in 2019/20 academic year. Talks are already underway on defining future tuition for new EU students after the academic year 2020/21 as the [...]

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4. What qualifications does a student need in order to be accepted in a UK University?

High school students who do not cover A-Levels in the syllabus can be judged, based on their 17th grade or above, a certificate in O-Level English with a grade of C or IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 5.5. If a student from high school, plans to take their A-Levels, the university will consider his or her application based on that. A-Levels are, and always are, essential for admission, even for high school students, for the top 15 traditional universities. For students from private schools, successful completion of three A-Levels is required. Accepted grades may vary depending on the university and course. It [...]

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3.What is the ideal time for the prospective student to proceed with their application process?

The more methodically the process is pursued, the better. October is supposed to be the most appropriate month. When the process starts early then the student has the following advantages: Early applications ensure immediate placement in the Universities of your choice. More available places on the course you desire. Avoid last-minute stress by making the best choice If you are required to take additional exams for your admission, then you may adjust your time in order to prepare.  

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2.How difficult can it be to choose the right University and the right course abroad

It's quite a difficult and a time-consuming choice. To be able to make the right choice, one must gather a lot of information. There are several options around. Each country has its own educational system with a plethora of universities. Each with its own curricula. Also the admission criteria for each university may vary. In addition to the above, there are other facts that prospective students should bear in mind, e.g. university location, cost of living, accommodation, support for students, and more. For all the above, the role of an educational consultant is essential and necessary. With their guidance and appropriate [...]

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1.Study in my home country or abroad?

Studies are not only related to a degree or diploma, they are also related to the quality of knowledge and life offered by a university and despite the remarkable progress of the Cypriot and Greek universities the major European centers offer something unique and a quality which is associated with their long lasting tradition. Living as a young individual for three or four years in a modern and developed city is in itself an educational experience. Students will have the opportunity to broaden their horizons, get to know other cultures, different people. Cultural education is now very important for the evolution [...]

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