Monthly expenses:

Compared with other European countries, the cost of living in Germany is quite reasonable. Prices for food, accommodation, clothes, cultural events, etc. are basically in line with the EU average. You will need about 300-600 euros per month to cover your accommodation costs depending on the city, the location in the city, and whether the residence is provided by the student organization (Studentenwerk) or by an individual. This will be your biggest expense.

Health Insurance:

In Germany, health insurance is a must for everyone. You will not be admitted to German universities unless you have proof that you are insured. You should either apply for one in Germany or apply for exemption from compulsory insurance, provided you are insured in Cyprus.

Tuition fees for German universities:

Tuition fees at German universities are very low and some universities do not charge any tuition fees. Most German universities are funded by the government. Low fees are charged, however, for postgraduate studies. All students have to pay a small amount, which consists mainly of a ticket for the ministry in all the means of transportation in the city.