CAREER Gate Test is the necessary tool for our Future.

Finding a job and reassuring a professional future is undoubtedly a main problem for the young people of our times. For this reason, we provide our students with the leading Career Gate Career Guidance for Higher Education and Professional Skills.

The Career Gate Test is:

A modern, weighted, valid, reliable, and easy-to-use Professional Orientation Test, based on strong scientific grounding. It can help young people, with the assistance of career counselors, teachers and parents, to take the most crucial decision of their lives, the choice of studies and profession.

It is a proven and adapted to the modern reality automated Test which: a) explores different aspects of personality, inclinations, preferences, interests of each individual, and b) identifies the professions and studies that match it at the Higher and Vocational Education.

It is based on many years of research, studies, scientific publications and announcements of the London School of Economics research team, the University of Piraeus and the Hellenic Society for Counseling and Guidance (ELESY), on aspects of human personality, occupations, education system, labor market and perspectives, combined with psychometric data and international tests of Interests and Personality.

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