NARIC: Long-distance Studies

For those who intend to follow the teaching and learning process of institutions such as ‘open university’,

‘Distance learning’ and ‘External degrees’, they should check the following, in order to meet the requirements of Law 3328/2005, Article 4


Recognition of Studies at Distance Learning


  • The equivalence of titles awarded by institutions such as “open university”, “distance learning” and “external degrees” is recognized provided that these institutions have a special curriculum for this purpose (Law 3328/2005, art. .4, para. 1a).
  • In particular, if the program is provided by an institution offering regular and distance learning, the distance program should be offered in a conventional manner and with the same qualitative characteristics.


Also, according to the aforementioned Law:

  • “The whole process of providing this kind of program is exclusively done by the institution and not by any other way that cooperates with this institution”.
  • The duration of studies and the conditions for the evaluation, promotion and graduation of students must meet the requirements of the national universities and in particular the Hellenic Open University (EAP).


In particular, the program should:

  • Include written or oral examinations for living / in presentation (other than essays) which are supervised and evaluated by the scientific staff of the institution.
  • The teachers / evaluators / supervisors of the program (should) be members or official external associates of the institution’s academic staff.
  • Finally, according to a decision of the Board of Directors of DOATAP, the “parity and correspondence” of titles acquired through the distance learning process is granted only if there is a corresponding curriculum in the EAP and a comparison of its curriculum school in the country with that of a faculty abroad.
  • In any case, recognition of correspondence with national four-year schools requires that basic and postgraduate qualifications be taken into account, more specifically concerning qualifications obtained by studies of the “same type” (long distance or conventionally). Both undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees are recognized as equivalent to those awarded by the EAP.


Supplementary documents for distance learning

Those who are interested:

  • Submit to the Foundation the questionnaire followed and the Foundation should send it directly to the Agency, completed and signed by the project manager, so that the competent bodies of the institution can decide whether they can receive academic recognition.
  • Place all the documents related to the type of their studies (basic, postgraduate, taking into account,) except the certificate of the place of study.