There are approximately 4,500 Public and Private Universities and Colleges


Undergraduate Programs, duration 4 years

  • In Bachelor Degree, the courses are divided into 4 categories: Core, Major, Minor, Elective Courses.

Students complete study programs when they collect a certain number of credits.

To enter an Undergraduate Program the following are required:


  • High school diploma

It is a basic prerequisite and is in line with the analytical course score, with or without final exams (“Panelladikes”).

  • GCE A-Levels

Most Universities receive the A-Levels courses and evaluate them as additional qualifications that give them more credits

  • The IB, Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate is considered equivalent to the Lyceum Certificate.

  • SΑΤ (Scholastic Αptitude Τest)

SAT I measures the candidate’s linguistic competence and skills in mathematics, while SAT II measures the level of knowledge in specific subjects.

The test is offered six times a year.

  • Personal Statement
  • TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language). English IELTS is also accepted.
  • Bank Statement, which must include the entire amount – tuition fees and living expenses for an academic year – in dollars.) Certificate of the Bank, where the full amount of tuition fees and living expenses for an academic year, in dollars must be available

It is a prerequisite for Business Studies programs.


Postgraduate Study Programs, duration from 1-3 years

Admission to the University is subject to the following conditions:

  • Bachelor’s degree with analytical grade of the courses
  • Personal Statement
  • Recommendation letter
  • Title in English

TOEFL is required, IELTS is also acceptable. A TSE test may also be requested, (Test of Spoken English).

  • GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

as a prerequisite for studies in the exact sciences and subjects.

There are 2 GRE Tests:

General Test measures verbal, computational / quantitative, and analytical ability of the candidate.

Subject Tests (in individual fields) examine and evaluate the candidate’s ability to attend postgraduate studies in areas such as Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, English Literature, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Informatics and Psychology.

  • GMAT (Graduate Management Assignment Test)