The event took place in a lovely café (Café Stacicratous30) in the center of Nicosia. Societies that were invited:Derby Hellenic and Cypriot society, Greek and Cypriot societies Manchester ,Hellenic and Cypriot society of Liverpool, Greek and Cypriot society of Coventry, Reading University Cypriot Hellenic Society, Cypriot and Greek society Nottingham, Cypriot and Greek society Middlesex University, Nottingham Trent University Hellenic –Cypriot Society, Leeds University Cypriot and Hellenic Society, Surrey University Cypriot and Hellenic Society, Newcastle University Cypriot and Hellenic Society.

With great success we had students from around Cyprus attend, they had a chase to drink their coffees and discuss any issues that concerned them about their University studies. We also had students who are pending their A level results and this gave them the opportunity to find out more about their university and most of them left with positive feedback.

All presidents of the above societies had a brief speech about their University and informed prospective students that they are there to help and support them. All  Societies and students said how lucky they are, to be supported by hardworking and kind-heated professionals of Global Education and look forward to more gathering like this one. Chris Sofroniou our Managing Director made the introductory and spoke about all the support Global Education provides to the Universities Societies. As a major sponsor of the Societies each and every member thanked Chris on a personal note.

Student life ( ) along with their professional team where they interviewed all presidents of the societies, prospective students, graduates, took pictures and they will publish this onto their website once it has been edited ( we shall be sending you the link once its ready )  

Games and competitions where held at the event – prices were given out to the winners.

Promotional material of all Universities were available on our stand, student took procure of their University of interest and our consultants were there to answer questions about the application process, accommodation availability and student life information.

On a closing note, this has been a very successful gathering, student got the chance to meet and greet people from their prospective Universities, old students were given the chance to speak with new students and all in all this is something that we tend to keep doing in the following years to come.