Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, all EU students coming to study in the UK from September 2021 onwards will be classed as international students so will not be eligible for home fees or have access to student loans. All EU students who start a course before 31st July 2021 will still be able to access home fees and access the student loans but will require a Student Route visa.

As such Coventry University has decided to offer an additional limited undergraduate intake in July 2021 which will enable some EU students to be able to access the student loan for one last time.

We will be offering the following seven undergraduate courses:
BSc Biomedical Science
BA Business Management
BSc Computer Science
BA Digital Marketing
BA International Relations
BEng Mechanical Engineering
BSc Psychology

Term dates:
1st year July to July 12 months 16/07/2021 – 31/06/2022
2nd year July to July 12 months 16/07/2022 – 31/06/2023
3rd year July May 10 months. 16/07/2023 – 11/05/2023

*Please note that for years 2 and 3 these start dates are for student finance purposes ONLY.

Students who meet all of the study requirements will be enrolled onto their chosen course at the main Coventry campus. They will begin their studies online in July and they will all, no matter which course they are enrolled onto, study the same Add-Vantage Module –“Be the Change”– first between July and September. This is a mandatory 10 credit bearing module that students must pass. This is for year 1 only and students will then come into line with their September starts for years 2 and 3 taking into account the note made on student finance above.

Standard home fees of £9250.00 each year. Students can either apply for the student loan or self-finance as normal and please note that no deposit will be required for this intake.

English requirements
As EU students, who do not have either pre-settled or settled status, now require a student visa. Students need to meet the new UKVI’s requirements such as IELTS (minimum of 6.0 overall and 5.5. in each component).

For more Information and for a free consultation and securing a place at Coventry University, contact the representative of the University in Cyprus, Global Education at 22 7802500 and 22785022.