Request for application in universities: 

It is advisable to apply for admission to universities well in advance of the start of semesters. Registration deadlines usually do not differ between institutions with some exceptions. Application deadlines expire at 15/07 for the winter and 15/02 for the spring semester. There are a lot of documents that need to be collected and several procedures, so it is very important that you contact us at least one and a half-two months in advance so that we can prepare properly and not be pressured by time.

Required documents:

Some of the necessary documents for a successful application are the results of the final (“Pancyprian”) exams, the German language certificate, the health insurance certificate, etc. All should be collected and sent to the agencies responsible for the applications (Uni-Assist / Hochschulstart), checked and then transferred to the universities.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide information on the general acceptance criteria because each German university is responsible for determining its admission policies. However, each university takes into account the average final exam and waiting time. For more information on the requirements, you need to search for the particular university and study.